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"Began as nothing more than a handful of ideas, brought forth through countless hours of study and meditation. The 2 members of Njiqahdda then decided to try to convey some of these ideas through audio. The 'Aartuu Mortaa' 2-song demo was recorded in early 2006 and never released. Then the duo recorded another EP - 'Ints | Nji | Verfatu' in 2006 and only released a handful of them to people for spiritual enlightenment.......Nothing more occurs musically for Njiqahdda in 2006, the rest of that year was spent in meditation and conceptualization, in preperation for the real clairvoyant audio manipulation now known as 'Njimajikal Arts'. In 2007; the duo entered Svenderhallen Lydstudio with producer W. to create the process of fire which crafted and molded 'Njimajikal Arts' into a fine piece of musical literature, worthy of actual release....

Njiqahdda has also recorded the music for 2 new albums in 2007, which will properly see release sometime in late 2007-2008. "


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Njimagickal Arts

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"Njimagickal Arts"

Disc 1
Blister Within The Hive
A Tale Of Ancient Tongue
Blue Wintry Days

Disc 2
Ancient Tongue Recital
The Wintry Grey




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