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"The beginning of Nargul was in 2005, when Mastema and Malphas began planning a black metal/ambient project based around Norse mythology and myth. They then began a search for a guitarist and vocalist to complete the band's line-up. After finding guitarist KING, the band decided to not bother with a vocalist, and have KING do vocals as well as guitar, to keep the project small in numbers.

During this time, Mastema and Malphas began work on ambient material for a debut self produced album. With new material being created and worked on everyday, Mastema and Malphas decided to drop vocalist and guitarist, KING, in favour of a 2-man project, without any live shows, and all music being created by them. They soon finished all of the songs for their debut, entitled 'Through The Land Of Frost,' and released them into the black metal community. They soon got acclaim for their ambient work, and decided on something new for the band: to add Viking and Folklore styles to their music, essentially adding Viking metal to their genres.

They then began writing new material in this fashion, both lyrically and musically. This newer material is much more Viking/Folk based, with much more emphasis on Norse Pagan mythology and history. Soon after writing began for this new material, the band picked up Synth/Keyboard player Killian Thorn (Fjellelv, Aristaeus) to take over as permanent Synth/Keyboards, opening up new possibilities for the band's newer material. Later on, during the writing process, Killian Thorn decided to bow out of the band, due to some idealogical differences, leaving Mastema and Malphas the sole members of Nargul once again.

Heavily inspired by older Black metal bands, Viking metal, Ambient Folk style music, nature, and their Pagan roots, Nargul looks to their future, as well as their proud past. To the halls of Valhalla! "


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Nargul's Discography

Through the Land Of Frost

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"Through the Land of Frost"

1. Intro - The Frozen Lake
2. The Overgrown Path
3. The Stormy Clearing
4. Through the Land of Frost
5. Journey to the Mountain Side
6. Mysterious Glow of the Moon
7. Gazing at the Night Sky
8. Secret in the Gloomy Cave
9. Outro - The Vanir



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Beneath The Withering Trees
As The Autumn Sky Weeps
Twilight in The Dreary Wood

Shimmering Waters
Into The Forest of Dreams
Dark Enchanted Forest







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Malphas: Winternacht



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