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"Forgotten Land began as a vision in the winter of 2003 under rule of Lord Tetrarch. A few songs were recorded, and less than a year later, "Ancient Runic Sorcery" was released (which has since been re-released HERE). This demo was indepently released, but to seem more professional, the title of Dungeons Deep Records was printed on the CD as a sort of "dream label". Now Dungeons Deep is much more than a dream, and there are now many great projects amongst Forgotten Land, still headed by Lord Tetrarch.
Forgotten Land plays a unique mixture of Black Metal and Ambient music, striving to create a sound know as "Black Ambient". Themes of Tolkien inspired lore can be found in the older works, and the deepest depression will be the basis of newer works.
Forgotten Land's first demo was collaborated with Hugin of the Austrian Tolkien project, "Uruk-Hai" as Hugin did a introduction... A split is in the works with the two bands.
Lord Tetrarch does all music, as well as artwork and photography. "


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Forgotten Land's Discography

Ancient Runic Sorcery

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"Ancient Runic Sorcery"

1.) Introduction (by Hugin of Uruk - Hai)
2.) Around the Fire
3.) Apocalyptic Ending
4.) Nearing the Stronghold, Resting at Great Oak
5.) Floating Through a Cosmic Wasteland, Void of All Life



A Forest Is Myne Home

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"A Forest is Myne Home"

1.) Introduction
2.) Golem's Cave
3.) A Forest Is Myne Home
4.) Over Snow By Winter Sown
5.) Through Black Voids We Tread Our Maudlin Paths
6.) I Who Haveth Six Names




Samhain - Autumn

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"Samhain - Autumn"

1. Introduction
2. An Autumn Whisper Legend
3. Tempest Of A Gale
4. In The Caves Of Enceladus
5. Mysteries Of The Artifact
6. What Reflected Off The Water




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"Imbolc Winter "

1. Gethen
2. Beneath The Glacier
3. Goodnight
4. Snegurochka
5. Where I Lay
6. Hiver éternel




Forgotten Land - Spring Beltane

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"Spring Beltane "

1. Coire





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1. Blood of Heroes

Forgotten Land

2. Nachtkrieg
3. 2911 Fell Winter
4. The Silent Tombe
5. At the Gates of Internal Sadness




Side projects: Witchsteel



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