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"One night, when the moon had gone down, as I was sitting on a hill-top, the Ellylldan passed by. I followed it into the valley. We crossed plashes of water where the tops of bulrushes peeped above, and where the lizards lay silently on the surface, looking at us with an unmoved stare. The frogs sat croaking and swelling their sides, but ceased as they raised a melancholy eye at the Ellylldan. The wild fowl, sleeping with their heads under their wings, made a low cackle as we went by. A bittern awoke and rose with a scream into the air. I felt the trail of the eels and leeches peering about, as I waded through the pools. On a slimy stone a toad sat sucking poison from the night air. The Ellylldan glowed bravely in the slumbering vapours. It rose airily over the bushes that drooped in the ooze. When I lingered or stopped, it waited for me, but dwindled gradually away to a speck barely perceptible. But as soon as I moved on again, it would shoot up suddenly and glide before. A bat came flying round and round us, Happing its wings heavily. Screech-owls stared silently at us with their broad eyes. Snails and worms crawled about. The fine threads of a spider's web gleamed in the light of the Ellylldan. Suddenly it shot away from me, and in the distance joined a ring of its fellows, who went dancing slowly round and round in a goblin dance, which sent me off to sleep." ['The Vale of GIamorgan.' (London, 1839.)] "


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"The Grey of the Storm Blinds All Hope"

A full length album comprising of 7 Chapters,

just over 1 hour long .

It is one track.

I.) The Barrow

II.) Ignis Fatuus

III.) Over Misty Moors

IV.) The Cliff Path

V.) Dawn of the Sun God

VI.) A Raven's Wing

VII.) Solace



Book II

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"Book II"

1. The Night Watchmen
2. Catacombs
3. Follow The River Home





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