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"Born of a mere thought back in 2005 by sole member I, Contagiion’s initial recordings were improvisational ambient droning soundscapes, that were highly experimental, inspired by plague and isolation. These tracks were supposed to be compiled and released as the first demo, but will never see the light of day. Contagiion went through a short break to gather inspiration for future, better thought out, pieces.

The second chapter of Contagiion was started after a few months of gathering motivation and inspiration. Contagiion was born anew. Ever-changing and progressing, I never wanted the project to be bound and restricted to just one genre or sound, thus the sound became less experimental and more focused on the dark ambient arts. Said pieces were recorded in a brief amount of time during the late winter months of 2006, and released on a demo titled ’Monolith’ in December of that year. These tracks sought out to reflect I’s self-emptiness and nothing more. This demo was pressed in a very limited amount of copies and sold for cheap. A handful of positive reviews were written and this demo caught the eye of Dungeons Deep Records, Contagiion was signed to this independently run label just shortly after the demo’s release. Contagiion underwent another hiatus early 2007.

In August of 2007, Contagiion was revived once more, and recordings for another release were underway. As a testament to the ever-changing progression of Contagiion, another slight sound change was in order. This time adding to the dark ambient sounds were distant minimalistic guitar melodies and accompanying down-tempo drum beats, giving the project a more full sound. With every new period in Contagiion’s timeline, I wanted to add a few additional elements to each release as a sign of sort of a building block and maturity. Five tracks were recorded for a split release - originally to be titled ’The Growth of Stone’ - but due to months of complications and excuses, two tracks were dropped and a new band was placed on the split. The new band joining forces with Contagiion was Benighted in Sodom, and the title was then renamed; ’To See the Stars Again’. This album is Contagiion’s most prolific work to date, the tracks hold dear to I’s emotions, with each song having a very deep influence from various literary works and personal life experiences such as; grieving a lost love, Atheism, regret, time and, space and the unknown.

I will begin work later in 2008 on the first Contagiion full-length album, to be titled; ‘Quiet... once’. To further add to the sound, this album will contain many new components such as: vocals, shoegaze elements, drone elements and string instruments played by various collaborators that will be featured. This album has no set release time.

Contagiion, as a project, does not possess any political standpoint and will remain that way. "


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1. Peridtion
2. Twilight
3. The Octagon
4. Naught
5. The Apparition


Sold Out.


To See The Stars Again

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"To See The Stars Again"

1. She Was Attired in Deep Mourning
2. From Her Wasting Form
3. The Sleeper and the Wanderer
Benighted In Sodom:
4. Paradigm Inumbrate