Bladesmith's Bio

"Bladesmith was born in December of 2006. The first demo, Darkness Remains Unsent, was written and recorded in the same month in Vantaa/Kouvola, Finland and on January 1st, 2007 it was officially made available and shipped off to record labels around Europe, Scandinavia and Vinland. Shortly after record labels Dungeons Deep Records and Inner Voice Records took notice and agreed to carry and help distribute the first demo. Later in the same month (January) the demo was re-released with a pro-printed booklet (which was limited to 100, no limit on the demo)."


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Bladesmith's Discography

Darkness Remains Unsent

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"Darkness Remains Unsent "

1. Introduction (2:03)
2. Dark and Iron Blood (5:34)
3. In Where the Dragon Awaits (6:54)
4. Orb of Virulent Lowlands (2:39)
5. Gesture of Unhallowed Summons (5:24)
6. The Adamantine Chains (4:04)




The Tenebrous Journey


Bladesmith Ohvrkivi Split

"The Tenebrous Journey"


1 Conquerors Of The Barbaican

3 In The Wake Of Darkness I Shall Rise

5 Torn Asunder By Revenge


2 Tuhast Tõus

4 Mu Langenud Vennad

6 Through The Forest





Sharpen Your Blade

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"Sharpen Your Blade"

1. Conquerors of the Barbican
2. Battle on Ice and Snow

This free promo EP was available at the Tuska Open Air Festival grounds to help promote Bladesmith in Finland. Limited to 50 CD-R copies.



Legion Of Swords

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"Legion Of Swords"

1. The Vassals Summoned
2. Dark and Iron Blood
3. Uncertain Death Triumphant
4. Bladesmith's Anvil Fire
5. The Adamantine Chains
6. Battle on Ice and Snow (MP3)
7. Legion of Swords