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2008 Official Realease

Forgotten Land Uruk Hai Split Nachtkrieg

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Forgotten Land / Uruk-Hai



1. Blood of Heroes

Forgotten Land

2. Nachtkrieg
3. 2911 Fell Winter
4. The Silent Tombe
5. At the Gates of Internal Sadness


Released: January 13th, 2008

Catalog Number: DDR 024

Release Type: Split

Availability: Available!

Pro printed CD in shrink wrapped Jewel Case! with full color artwork and booklet!

Finally the wait is over! This split has been in works since the very birth of Forgotten Land itself! This will be Uruk-Hai's FINAL official release!

Uruk-Hai's Blood of Heroes is a 30 minute long journey through the most grand landscapes imaginable. Hugin's best work by far!

Forgotten Land's half includes both depressive, nature infused ambient, as well as a rare black metal track!

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