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2008 Official Realease

To See The Stars Again

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Contagiion/Benighted In Sodom Split

"To See The Stars Again"

1. She Was Attired in Deep Mourning
2. From Her Wasting Form
3. The Sleeper and the Wanderer
Benighted In Sodom:
4. Paradigm Inumbrate

Released: April 10th, 2008

Catalog Number: DDR 022

Release Type: Split

Availability: Available!

Pro printed CD with 4 page booklet, in jewel case!

Here is is, Dungeons Deep's first official CD! It is a marvelous one at that.

Conatagiion's minimalistic Dark Ambient leaves you cold and in wonderment. The deep dronish melodies will crush your spirit, and make your heart weep.

Benighted in Sodom plays some of the most intelligent, depressive black metal and is being featured exclusively on DDR for this particular release.

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