2007 Official Realease

Njimagickal Arts

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"Njimagickal Arts"

Disc 1
Blister Within The Hive
A Tale Of Ancient Tongue
Blue Wintry Days

Disc 2
Ancient Tongue Recital
The Wintry Grey


Released: December 15, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 018

Release Type: 2 Disc Full Length Boxset

Availability: Available!

Each set will be dispatched in an all black box, filled with the following; 2 black CDs with beautiful glossy labels, the best looking DDR CDs yet. Full color DVD case insert. The feather of a pheasant. A hand dipped spell candle. A stick of incense, scent varying from box to box. Also, each set will include a unique nature gift, may include dried herbs, flowers, wild dried plants, drift wood, leaves, nuts, etc. Everything you need to create your own dark magick!

-Disc one emerges with 3 tracks of droning, stratospheric,
psychedelic, funeral doomed black metal. Over 55 minutes!

-Disc two then breathes 2 tracks of dismal dark ambient, wrapped in washes of field recordings.
Over 44 minutes of haunting atmosphere!