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2007 Official Realease

Samhain - Autumn

Forgotten Land

Samhain - Autumn

1. Introduction
2. An Autumn Whisper Legend
3. Tempest Of A Gale
4. In The Caves Of Enceladus
5. Mysteries Of The Artifact
6. What Reflected Off The Water

Released: October 31, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 017

Release Type: Full Length

Availability: Available!

Black CD-R in slim DVD case with full color artwork.

Forgotten Land's first official full length album, part one of a four part series. Forgotten Land evolves even more as you will be enveloped in orchestral and whimsical passages. Completely dedicated to the autumn season, all songs are inspired by the nature of earth and beyond. Thick in ambient as well as mold breaking black metal.
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