2007 Official Realease


CD I - The Saddest Of Days

1. In The Quest To Find Utter Nothingness
2. Vanished From This Place
3. Night Terror: Another Entrance Into
4. Self - Removed
5. Introspective Introvert
6. End
7. Transcend Unto The Heavens
8. Levitation
9. The Sharpest Of Blades, The Saddest Of Days

CD II - Channeling Natural Forces

1. Winds Of The Mountain Deep
2. Returning To Liquid Form
3. Storm Drowning
4. Maritime
5. Euphoric. Solitude. Malign.
6. Forever Trapped At Sea
7. Return To Past Aeons
8. Occupying Negative Space
9. Dwell Within The Starcave
10. Cursed Winds Blow Thy Home
11. Uten En Drommen
12. Piercing Through Audial Means


Released: August 20, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 014

Release Type: 2 CD Box Set

Availability: Sold Out

2 Full Length CDs, wrapped in black funeral cloth and sealed with wax.

Drømmer is a one-man ambient project. Used as a means to convey the longing for a more simple and natural time, a time which most of us either never had the chance to know or never cared to know. A simplistic vehicle to express the oneness between emotions and nature. A two CD box set, wrapped in funeral cloth and sealed with wax.