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2007 Official Realease

The Odyssey

Mare Frigoris

"The Odyssey "

1. The Voyage
2. Land of the Black Sun pt. I
3. Land of the Black Sun pt. II
4. In Thy Village
5. Aurora Borealis
6. Seagrave(instrumental)
7. A Bid Farewell(outro)
8. Intro*
9. Dethroned and Vanquished*
10. Divided We Stand, Together We Fall*
11. Storm*



Released: January 25th, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 008

Release Type: Full Length

Copies Made:50

Availability: Available

CD-r in DVD case with special edition artwork!

Mare Frigoris is releasing a special edition limited to 50 on Dungeons Deep Records of "The Odyssey". The Odyssey is Black Metal in the folk style. Intensley epic!!! Limited to 50 with special edition artwork exclusive to Dungeons Deep Records!
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