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2007 Official Realease

The Grey Of The Storm Blinds All Hope


"The Grey of the Storm Blinds All Hope"

I.) The Barrow
II.) Ignis Fatuus
III.) Over Misty Moors
IV.) The Cliff Path
V.) Dawn of the Sun God
VI.) A Raven's Wing
VII.) Solace


Released: January 25th, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 004

Release Type: Full Length

Copies Made: 111

Availability: Available

Media: CD-R in DVD case with full artwork!

A Walk throught the forest has never seemed so mysterious. Experience what it is like to wander through Surrey's woods, in the shadows of the ellylldan. A full length album comprising of 7 Chapters, just over 1 hour long . It is one track.

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