2007 Official Realease

Ancient Runic Sorcery

Forgotten Land

"Ancient Runic Sorcery "

1. Introduction (By Hugin of Uruk-Hai)
2. Around The Fire
3. Apocalyptic Ending
4. Nearing The Stronghold, Resting At Great Oak
5. Floating Through A Csomic Wasteland, Void Of All Life


Released: January 25th, 2007

Catalog Number: DDR 001

Release Type: Demo

Copies Made: 111

Availability: Available

Media: CD-R in DVD case with full artwork!

Forgotten Land's first demo, Re-released as a 111 limited edition! Forgotten Land is known for being melancholic black-ambient. This is the first forging of it's unique sound, created in absolute solitude during the depressive winter of 2005. Introduction by Hugin of the Austrian project Uruk-Hai.